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Funky D Records is happy to bring you some of the best music in the world! Straight off the streets of Detroit, Mississippi, and wherever we find it! Check out our latest releases from Royal Blackbirds, Longneck Strangler, and Howling Diablos. Get READY for brand-new sounds coming in 2016 from Jimmie Bones, Horse Cave Trio, and Tino G!
Like Nigel Burnside says, 'Get Your Treats!'


Howling Diablos/Royal Blackbirds/Hillbilly Knife Fight/Lightshow Bob

O'Mara's Irish , 12 Mile, Berkley. Mi

Join the Diablos-Blackbirds-Hillbilly Knife Fight-Lightshow Bob for Todd Starks' Birthday Bash at O'Mara's!


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